The staff at the MAKESHOP has been collecting videos of visitors explaining what they made and reflecting on the experience that they had.  It is always interesting to hear what inspires, intrigues, engages or teaches our visitors.  We will be sharing these as we get them, so watch out for them.
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Impromptu Shop Bots…

Two families came in to the MAKESHOP a few days ago and asked if we were building robots. It was a quiet day, so I told them that we could if we had the materials. One of the mothers explained to me that her youngest daughter had built a Shop Bot during a class visit to the Museum. Apparently her older brother wanted to build one too. That’s why they were hoping to build some bots during their visit as a family
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Tess visited the Museum a couple of days ago.  She and her family were an absolute joy for the entire MakeShop team to interact with.  I use the term “interact” instead of “facilitate” because she did most of, if not all of, the work.  She accepted some tips and pointers on various woodworking techniques, but she had this project under control.  She was able to implement the things she learned
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What happens when you give an eleven year old and his mom a bunch of random toy parts? Well, they create something extraordinary, funny and… creepy.  It’s always fun when visitors visit the MakeShop to simply tinker around with whatever we have to offer.  This particular mom and son duo experimented with reassembling various toy parts.  It was funny! The mom encouraged the son to be as creative as possibl
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An experience in animation

I decided it was high time to start prototyping our stop-motion animation  program once again.  To be honest, I really wanted an excuse to play with the program myself.  I decided to do some stop-motion drawing with a dry-erase board.  The setup I built for the activitiy wasn’t pretty or professional, but my crude setup did not detract Thomas and Aiden, two first time visitors to the Museum.  . I briefly explai
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Youth Alive: Survival Kit Project

Over the past several weeks, students from the Museum’s YouthALIVE after school program worked on a very interesting design challenge.  The kids were tasked with creating a “survival kit” for someone stranded on a deserted island.  They were afforded time in the MakeShop to design and create the objects for their kits.  The students worked in teams and were given a set number of objects to create.  
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