Watching It Come Apart

We recently let visitors take apart and explore the inner workings of a broken printer/copier.  The piece was generously donated to the MAKESHOP by our Visitor’s Services Department. This was a big project that spanned several days.  It was a lot of fun dismantling these devices.  Taking something apart is a great way to develop visitors’ curiosity for exploring the world around them.  If you take somethi
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Visitors to the MAKESHOP

A couple of days ago members from our Visitor Services Department visited the MAKESHOP and spent some time making things. We were doing woodworking  that day. There were some interesting creations made by the employees who work at the front desk. The Museum is a very open institution and it really shows when members of different departments can get together to work on projects. The projects that day included an anima
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Prototyping an Exhibit within an Exhibit

Testing It Out We are currently prototyping some new ideas for our newest exhibit, “Wheels”. One of the components of the exhibit involves magnetic pieces that can be put together to build your own car.  Visitors can test their cars on a mini skate park inspired track.  The magnetic parts are very versatile and fun to tinker with.  I had fun just rolling the wheels around. Phase One We wanted to know how
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Prototyping Animation in the MakeShop

We have been discussing the idea of introducing animation or video into the MakeShop.  Stop-motion animation is always fun, but how do we implement it so that visitors can easily use it and interact with it in meaningful ways?  Well, we brainstorm and prototype. We already had a very crude stop-motion program developed by Greg W. of the Exhibits Department.  This program is controlled by an even more crude looking ph
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Young Professionals

We had a great family come into the Makeshop today.  It was a group of boys, some of them were brothers and some of them were friends.  They came all the way from Ohio because their oldest brother had a class assignment involved observation in the Museum.  This group ended up staying in the Makeshop for almost the entire day. They made some really awesome and interesting pieces, such as a catapult and toy cars.  They
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For the past month, the MakeShop team has been working with the Museum’s YouthALIVE! after school program.  This program provides youth with meaningful learning activities and experiences that help them discover their potential, develop their talents and abilities and explore their interests. The MakeShop spends one day a week with these youth.  It is our goal to get these young people involved in making by tea
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