A simple story

The picture above is worth a thousand words.  This group of visitors was a lot of fun to play with.  They came into the MakeShop  as we were setting up for an after school group.  We had the entire shop set up for sewing.  This group came in and immediately set about exploring everything we had to offer.  They explored both as individuals and as a group.  The younger ones were fascinated with the sewing machines and
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What I saw at the Faire

More photos of the Faire by photographer Larry Rippel at Children’s Museum Flickr page. I was apprehensive about writing this post.  I assumed that it would be an easy, quick description of the Mini-Maker Faire.  A run-through about the objects and devices on display.  A very cut and dry kind of post, but once I started writing, I realized that I had made many observations that day that were not particularly ab
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The MakeShop is Open

The MAKESHOP at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is now open. Please visit us soon to make, create, tinker and explore.
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Making a MakeShop

Creating an exhibit is quite the experience; there are so many people involved and so many things that need to be done.  You don’t just push a button and a whole new room sprouts up somewhere in the Museum.  This was a huge collaborative effort between everyone in the entire Museum. Last Friday the team spent a very long day prepping for the big move into the new exhibit.  It felt like we were moving into a new
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Making Teachers Into Makers

The MakeShop team recently hosted a teacher professional development workshop at the  Regional Arts Education Day.  Our main goal was to engage teachers in the design process to explore different ways that it can be applied, specifically how it can be applied to classrooms and instructional planning. The teachers were briefed on what exactly the MakeShop is and what it strives to do.  We also described our model of t
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Introducing the team!

The MakeShop is excited to introduce the newest members of our team.  We are incredibly lucky and proud to have such an amazing group of individuals.  These people are some of the best makers and educators in the area and will be available to work alongside our visitors. Lisa Brahms, Research Fellow and MakeShop Project Lead Adam Nye, MakeShop Manager Amy DiPlacido, MakeShop Coordinator Kevin Goodwin, Facilitator Jer
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