Announcing: The MakeShop Show!

Hey kid-makers, there’s a new website just to show YOU how to make cool projects! Use your creativity and things you have at home to make cool stuff like pillowcase pajamas and real furniture out of rolled newspaper. The MakeShop Show is a new online maker hub for kids ages 6-10 packed with project videos, resources, downloads and bright ideas to create a MakeShop at home. Check it out and share it with your fr
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Youth Alive: Craft Stick Explosions

Pardon the wacky camera work in the videos above and below. I’m for giving the camera to the kids and letting them have a chance to document a project. We decided to let our the students from our afterschool club, YouthALIVE!, play around with creating “craft stick explosions”.  They really seemed to enjoy it. I always like the change of pace these seventh and eighth graders bring to the MAKESHOP.  
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