DIY Circuit Blocks

This was an extremely ambitious project that resulted in a couple great teaching moments. A mom and daughter were so fascinated with our circuit blocks that they wanted to make their own. We decided to make a battery block, a motor block and speaker block. As with any electronic project, we first had to test all of our components. Mom was very excited to make more blocks at home using old holiday lights and pieces fr
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Two of my favorite visitors returned to the Museum a couple of days ago and created another amazing project. Their first tinkering, electronic project was dubbed the “Hanna-Occupier”.  Their latest project was a motorized car made out of simple, recycled parts. They decided to name it the “Hana-Chaser”.  I was excited to collaborate on this great project. Since these were return visitors, both
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Exploring and Inventing

Who are inventors? Anyone can be an inventor… Most people probably picture an inventor as someone in a laboratory working with a bunch of complex machines. When I think of inventors, I picture anyone willing to try out something new. Kids are great at inventing things. Case in point: Usman and his “Spinny Thing”. Usman spent a lot of time in the MAKESHOP. He really enjoyed experimenting with our cir
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