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Adventures in Attachment: Lesson 0

Attachment Lesson 0: Don’t unattach it in the first place! Plenty of creations are made through processes which take away material from a big piece.  Nothing is added, and therefore nothing has to be attached.  These processes which take away material are called “subtractive”, while processes which add and attach more pieces are “additive”. Sculptures in stone are a great example of subt
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Things in the Laser Cutter

I love our laser cutter. It’s a machine that uses a power beam of energy to burn through things. How cool is that?! The only thing I love more than the laser cutter (sorry, loom, you’ve been temporarily replaced) is putting odd things into the laser cutter. Cookies Nilla Wafers work really nicely, because the burned design shows up well against the light-colored cookie. Wood (Painted) Wood isn’t a v
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MAKESHOP Storage Solutions

MAKESHOP STORAGE   BEFORE AFTER MAKESHOP goes through a lot of materials (fabric, recycled objects, etc.) every week.  You would think that we would run out of stuff but no; we probably have more stuff in our storage space in the Museum’s basement than in the actual MAKSESHOP.  The motto of the Museum might as well be “We Never Throw Anything Away”. Our storage space recently got a fabulous makeover
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